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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: July 21, 2020

Note: rootNET aims to respect your privacy as much as possible. As such, we store as little information about our users as is reasonably possible while still functioning as a service.

rootNET consists of an online website (the "Site") and downloadable binaries (the "Client"). The following Privacy Policy details information collected about users of these services ("you") by rootNET Development ("us" or "we").

Data Collection

Cookies: While logged in to the Site a randomised token is stored as a cookie in your browser. This is used to provide information relevant to your account. While not logged in, the Site will not store any cookies in your browser.

Hardware Information: When you use the Client we store an irreversible hash of your hardware information which is later used to ensure that use of the Client is from legitimate users. Due to the nature of cryptographic hashes, it is not possible for us to obtain any details of your computer from this data.

Payment Details: When you purchase the Client we store the email attached to your PayPal account. This information is only retrieved in the event that a payment dispute (e.g. a "chargeback") occurs.